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A cost-effective combined advanced therapy to treat knee osteoarthritis

Fundación CIDETEC

CIDETEC is an organisation dedicated to applied research and focused on bringing added value to companies. Since 2000 up to now, it has developed research & development projects with companies working in different productive sectors (more than 250 projects in the last five years). At the same time, in collaboration with other industrial partners, CIDETEC has set up six new companies that industrialized a number of developments and complement the institute’s activity. CIDETEC’s work is particularly strong within the European Union, which has resulted in the participation in thirty-four projects of the 7th Framework Program, (leading 8 of them), 45 Horizon 2020 projects (leading 14) and so far, 12 projects funded in the current program Horizon Europe (2 as coordinator). With more than twenty-five patent families and over two hundred ISI publications in the last five years, CIDETEC has demonstrated to be very versatile in generating knowledge that translates into sustainable industrial solutions.

Role within SINPAIN

CIDETEC Nanomedicine is the coordinator of the project and leader of two Work Packages (WPs). CIDETEC will be responsible for the production of nanocarriers for siRNAs and anti-inflammatory drugs, for the development of an improved dynamic hyaluronic acid to be used as viscosupplement and for the scaling-up and establishment of the production process. It will also have a leading role in the communication, dissemination and exploitation of results.

Main contacts

Photo of Iraida Loinaz
Iraida Loinaz

Director of CIDETEC Nanomedicine

Photo of Damien Dupin
Damien Dupin

Coordinator of the SINPAIN project

Photo of Ángela Moncada
Ángela Moncada

Deputy Team Lead CIDETEC