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A cost-effective combined advanced therapy to treat knee osteoarthritis

The University of Liverpool

The advancement of learning and ennoblement of life has been the mission since the University was founded in 1881. The University of Liverpool (UoL) is one of the great centers of research, knowledge and innovation. Our pioneering reputation attracts students, experts and partners from around the world. Through our research, teaching and collaborations, the UoL seeks to be life changing and world shaping. At the University of Liverpool (UoL), Advanced Materials and Personalised Health are key strategic themes and within the Institute of Systems, Molecular, and Integrative Biology. The Immunocompatibility Group researches how advanced therapeutics interact with biological systems, with a particular focus on the human immune system. To date, UoL’ research has supported the progression of advanced therapeutics through to clinical trials, and de-risked their development. With a key role in national and international infrastructures around nanotherapeutics, the UoL team brings its expertise and experience to support the SINPAIN project.

Role within SINPAIN

Within the SINPAIN project, UoL will assess the interaction of the advanced therapeutics developed as part of the project with the human immune system, focusing on local immune cells and responses, initially, prior to generalized assessment of systemic immune responses. This work will underpin the safety evaluation of the materials developed by creating exposure-response profiles to the therapeutics.

Main contacts

Photo of Neill Liptrott
Neill Liptrott

Team Leader, WP2 Lead

Photo of Christopher David
Christopher David

Deputy Team Leader, WP2 Deputy